Living among dinosaurs

Living among dinosaurs

It should not be a surprise to some to talk about the vast biodiversity that inhabits Colombia, with a wide variety of endemic species, it is known as the second most biodiverse country in the world and part of this treasure inhabits the Chocó rainforest.

Basilisks, or Basiliscus in their scientific name, are one of the star species in our facilities due to their extraordinary ability to walk on water, stealing the attention of everyone who observes them. Not only is this “supernatural power” their greatest attraction, but also their appearance, which looks like it came straight out of a natural history book. With their long tail, which allows them to stabilize their movements on water; their long legs and nails that allow them to climb to escape predators; and dermal lobes similar to fins on their feet, they are a fascinating all-terrain animal.

*Pictures taken by our visitors

Known as “little dinosaurs”, this species plays a very important role in balancing the ecosystem by using the moisture from the lake, hunting crabs and some insects to inhabit this, their refuge, where they are protected and live freely.

They are a harmless and somewhat elusive species, although it is a bit difficult to capture the moment when they display all their talent, you can spot them sunbathing or running with their particular movement among the bushes without any problem.

Did you know that…?

It is due to the dermal lobes located on its legs, which unfold when running on water, that the basilisk is able to increase the contact surface with the liquid and therefore stay on the surface for a short time.


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