Why choose Bahía Solano?

Why choose Bahía Solano?

It’s time to choose your next destination, and if you’re still not sure which one of the many exciting options to visit in Colombia, you can find the Colombian Pacific coast in the diverse catalog. But why choose it?

Surrounded by the Colombian western mountain range, covered by the thick tropical rainforest, and bordered by the immense Pacific Ocean, when you travel to the Pacific coast, you will encounter the fusion of the coastal world and the wildness of the jungle. With a tropical climate and the widest variety of plant and animal species, you will return home with the biggest smile after having the best experiences that can be lived in nature there.

If you are adventure lovers, activities such as diving, surfing, hiking trails in the jungle, touring waterfalls, cliff jumping, and more can be found on your visit to Bahía Solano in the Pacific.

For nature lovers, bird watching, reptile and amphibian spotting, and the well-known whale watching are some of the natural spectacles you can experience during your visit to the Pacific. Not to mention the wide variety of plant species in all colors, sizes, and full of the most exotic fruits for our enjoyment that you can find.

A vacation of complete relaxation is also an option, with secluded beaches with little foot traffic, the sound of the jungle, and the breaking of the waves, the whole space is enveloped in an aura of tranquility conducive to clearing the mind and body.

Even though the Pacific coast is extensive, in Bahía Solano you can find all the facets of this destination, even more than you can imagine because the diversity and cultural richness found there unlock new ways of seeing life like never before.

Discover new destinations in Colombia, you will be surprised by the magical experiences that all destinations in the country offer, you will not regret it.

Did you know?

Colombia ranks second in amphibian diversity after Brazil, and more than half of the species that inhabit it are endemic, meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world.


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