About us

Ecolodge PLaya Alegre, Rest, Adventure, and Nature

The place where you will get to know and feel nature

Ecolodge Playa Alegre is a family-owned business motivated by our passion for nature conservation and providing a warm welcome to those who visit us. We feel a deep commitment to the region, the country, and our guests, which is why we want to make you feel the joy, laughter, love, peace, and tranquility that comes with arriving at our nature-responsible hotel, located on El Almejal Beach in the El Valle district of Bahía Solano-Chocó.

The term Ecolodge refers to tourism service providers who offer an alternative to conventional mass tourism, located in protected areas and with a preference for sustainability, preservation, and appreciation of the environment. They implement ecological practices that benefit the local population and respect nature. In the case of Ecolodge Playa Alegre, we work to minimize environmental impact through recycling and waste reduction practices, integrate architecture with the diverse biodiverse environment of the Choco rainforest, and offer comfort and tranquility to our visitors.

Sustainable practices of Ecolodge Playa Alegre

We decorate our spaces with pieces produced in the region and endemic plants from Chocó, promoting the cultural and biodiverse enrichment of the department.

We achieve this through the use of immunized pine wood from certified crops, and we are pioneers in the area with this initiative; the development of composting areas for biodegradable waste; proper recycling for plastics; proper disposal of non-reusable waste, and farming some regional food products such as rice, cassava, pineapple, papaya, and guava used in our preparations, in our land.

Sustainable tourism at Ecolodge Playa Alegre

We aim to meet the expectations of our visitors by promoting respect for our jungle environment and highlighting the cultural diversity of the Pacific Coast, its culinary and folk heritage, with plans designed for its recognition and care.

Cabins at El Almejal Beach

We strive to provide the best accommodation for our guests, taking into account their likes and preferences.

We have cabins with ocean views, a restaurant, and ample green areas that respect our commitment to environmental conservation, which is why we propose a design that promotes the conservation of local fauna and flora.

Our cabins have different accommodations depending on the required number of people, are equipped, and have the necessary freshness for a comfortable Pacific-style stay. We work for the inclusion, safety, and comfort of every type of visitor, so that they feel welcome without distinction, which is why we implement easily accessible spaces for everyone, with ramps, appropriate bathrooms, and an elevator in the raised restaurant. We also have delimited and jungle-friendly paths and a freshwater shrimp harvesting lake.

Dare to live the experience

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