Turtle release in Bahía Solano

Turtle release in Bahía Solano

Every year sea turtles arrive at the shores to lay their nests in safe spots on the sand, arriving silently at night and burying their eggs. They are another wonderful miracle of nature.

In our beach, the Golfina turtle steals the show, laying an average of 100 eggs each. Every year, hundreds of adult turtles come to the peaceful and secluded beaches of the Colombian Pacific coast, and Bahía Solano is no exception.

With a size between 55 and 80 centimeters and a weight of 35 to 50 kilograms when they are adults, and an approximate weight of 28 grams and a length of five centimeters when they are newly born, the Olive Ridley sea turtle can be spotted especially from September to December on our beach. Although it is not easy to follow the trail of adult turtles to see them lay their eggs, in the region, to prevent malicious people from taking the eggs for illegal trade and consumption, they are taken and protected in incubation pens, which are nothing more than replicas of the mother nest made on the sand in monitored and controlled land following all conservation recommendations. Unfortunately, the Olive Ridley sea turtle is in danger due to the looting of its nests, illegal wildlife trade, forgotten fishing nets, trawl fishing, and pollution.

Release process:

After moving the eggs and the moist sand deposited by the mother, burying them and monitoring their development, the hatchlings are born after 60 days. These are placed in a plastic container and finally released on the beach when the sun sets, they must make a journey on the sand before reaching the sea to allow them to collect the physical and biological parameters necessary for their return in the future.


  • Avoid taking photos with flash or shining directly on the turtles, as this can disorient them and make it difficult for them to travel to the water.
  • Avoid excessive handling of turtles, if you do, your hands should be clean and disinfected, or with the use of gloves.
  • During the walk on the beach, avoid crossing their path and leave enough space for them to walk.
  • Do not rush the turtles, each one must walk on its own.
  • Prevent birds or dogs from approaching during the release.
  • If you need to light up the scene, use red light.
  • Be patient, as they must travel at least five meters to reach the sea, and each baby turtle is approximately five centimeters long.

As with any natural spectacle, it is an honor to have the opportunity to accompany these newborns at the beginning of their journey through life. Remember to respect them and follow safety recommendations to avoid interfering with the process.

Our commitment is to the planet and to our.

Did you know…?

The sex of the newborns is determined by the incubation temperature.

If you want to be part of the release, schedule and book with us so you don’t miss it.


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