Awaken your curiosity and senses on this expedition, where you will discover a new world of colors, shapes, and sounds of nature. Birdwatching seeks to observe and engage with different species and their habitats, creating awareness of their behaviors and the importance of caring for the ecosystems they live in.

For birdwatching, the following should be taken into account:

  • Be attentive to the softest noises and movements around you, and after detecting the species, keep vigilant to detect movement behaviors, places where they settle, and the sounds they produce.
  • Respect the environment in which you find yourself, avoiding leaving garbage, creating unofficial paths, and manipulating nests.
  • Bring your birdwatching tools such as a notebook to record the species of birds seen, binoculars to appreciate them from a closer distance without disturbing them, and your camera to capture the best moments and colors of the experience.

Now, Bahia Solano is an appropriate destination for birdwatching due to the abundant jungle that extends across its territory and the mangrove ecosystems located near the Valley township and in the Ensenada de Utria National Natural Park, where you can observe toucans, eagles, hummingbirds, turkeys, barranqueros, and other endemic species.

Birdwatching excursions are part of our customizable tours, so ask about availability when booking with us and experience this full of wildlife adventure.

Did you know…?

Colombia is home to around 1921 bird species, of which over 79 are endemic.


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