Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Penalties in case of cancellation:

100% of the total plan in case the trip is canceled for personal reasons – If the cancellation is due to force majeure, the case will be studied by the Hotel who will carry out the charges and penalties that may apply in accordance with Law 300 of 1996 and its regulatory decrees.

For missed flight, change of names or date, a penalty of 100% of the value of the plan is applied.



The deposit or payment of this reservation is non-refundable, in the case of travelers withdrawing from their trip, they must submit a written and supported claim eight days after reporting their decision, stating the reasons to the agency. Ecolodge Playa Alegre will process with the service provider, the decision on the return. In the case of air tickets, if they are charter flights, the total value of the advance will be withheld, and in the case of commercial flights, the traveler with the issued ticket must file a claim directly with the airline. Before making the deposit to this reservation or the total payment, it is important: that you carefully read the terms and conditions, the rights and obligations of the user and the conditions of Penalties that apply, since by giving the deposit or payment we understand that you has accepted these conditions.



As a Lodge , Playa Alegre is subject to the liability regime established in Law 300 of 1996, and in all the articles that comprise it, in addition to regulatory decrees 1075 of 1007 and 2438 of 2010.



Give users the program described and delivered in the service order issued by the agency, which specifies the services contracted by it to be developed during the date of entry and exit from the lodge and in which all the services that are the plan poses.

Ecolodge Playa Alegre will have the power to make modifications to the contracted plan in events of force majeure or fortuitous event, without the user’s acceptance being required.

Ecolodge Playa Alegre is a direct provider of tourist plans, and will ensure that everything contracted is fulfilled, as well as verify that its clients comply with the regulations established by law to operate legally. Which are stipulated with written agreements, offers or written quotes in which such quality and the services included, the rights and obligations of the parties, the conditions of their operation and their responsibility towards the traveler are stated or verified. In any case, management will be carried out with the tourist provider, at the tourist’s choice, to provide another service of the same quality or to reimburse or compensate the agreed price for the breached service when the services offered or agreed are breached in whole or in part or in case of overselling enshrined in Article 64 of Law 300 of 1996. All this in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated here.

Playa Alegre will advise the agency staff on the conditions of their reservations and, in general, on their obligations for the use of the contracted tourist services, through the final reservation confirmation. At the same time, it will inform about the known preventive health measures, events of loss of documents, care of personal effects.

Playa Alegre, will report as a warning so that visitors are communicated by the agency staff about the restrictions to which the tourist plan or service or one of its components may be subjected, as is the case of the maximum loads or people allowed in tourist attractions or sites, and inform you, if applicable, that access to such sites may be prevented or limited by regulations that affect the maximum number of tourists.

Playa Alegre will not assume any responsibility towards the agency or traveler for the air transport service, (in case it is contracted by us). The provision of such service is governed by the legal regulations applicable to the air transport service. Events such as unforeseen delays or modifications in flight schedules arranged by the airlines, the user’s rights and the procedures to make effective the refunds of money to which these events give rise, will be governed by the pertinent legal provisions and in particular by those contained in the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations (RAC) and those that apply according to the rate and class of the ticket purchased, as well as the regulations of each airline and their return restrictions.

When due to the rate or for any other reason there are restrictions to make modifications to the air reservation, endorsements or refunds; Such limitations must be informed to the user through agency personnel.

Playa Alegre with the agency staff will define the amount of the advance payment and term for the payment of this sum by the user, in order to ensure their participation in the trip. This value will be paid to the total cost of the tourist plan. The services not included in the tourist package will be assumed by the user. Ecolodge Playa Alegre reserves the right to cancel the reservation with the operator for non-compliance with the agreed payment terms, without this setting up any fault on the part of Playa Alegre, it will not give rise to a refund of the advance payment.



The cancellation policies, penalties, returns or refunds are previously stipulated by Ecolodge Playa Alegre, and the user through the notification made by the agency will be subject to them; with prior communication by the same through the confirmation of the final reservation. In turn In accordance with the provisions of article 65 of Law 300 of 1996



The return of money to users, if applicable, and according to the cases provided for in articles 63, 64 and 65 of Law 300 of 1996 and in article 4 of this Decree, must be made no later than thirty (30) calendar days following the date on which the claim was made before the agency or the date of execution of the decision issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in which said obligation was imposed on the provider. In the event provided for in article 65 of Law 300 of 1996, the refund established in this paragraph will proceed when the user has fully or partially paid the tourist services provider for the contracted services.



ECOLODGE PLAYA ALEGRE, states that it works at all times as a simple intermediary between travelers and travel agents as a service provider (transfers, accommodation, food and excursions defined in the plan) Therefore, Playa Alegre is not jointly and severally responsible in any way. event, and exempts itself from all responsibility under any title for deficiencies that may arise in any of the services provided by them, being an obligation of means but not of result enshrined in the Civil Legislation of our country. The responsibility of the transport case will be in accordance with the provisions of Art. 3 DR 2438/2010, All cancellation, penalty and return will be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated above.

Ecolodge Playa Alegre does not assume responsibility for events such as accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic or natural phenomena, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits, health issues and any other case of force majeure that may occur during the trip and they will only undertake to provide the services and make the refunds that this Decree deals with, as the case may be. In the same way, Ecolodge Playa Alegre reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, travel dates, hotels of a similar or higher category, transportation and others that are necessary to guarantee the success of the trip.

Ecolodge Playa Alegre will not be responsible for the luggage and any object that the tourist takes with him is his responsibility. Ecolodge Playa Alegre is constantly verifying the quality of the products and services described in the packages and plans that it offers in accordance with the provisions of Law 300 of 1996, DR 107 5/97 and DR 2438/2010.




All clients and end users must carry the corresponding documentation in order, according to the laws of the countries and places in Colombia that will be visited, it will be the client’s obligation to obtain said documentation on their own (Visas, passports, vaccination card, judicial record, amounts minimum and maximum amounts of money, authenticated parental permission for minors). It is also your responsibility to have current health insurance.

Comply with the deadlines established for the payment of the tourist package.

If the client considers that at a certain moment the contracted services were not fulfilled, they must inform immediately to process and seek an adequate or timely solution to said situation.

Ecolodge Playa Alegre as a provider of tourist plans we are obliged to fully comply with the products or services for which we were hired by the corresponding travel agency, respecting at all times the previously signed agreements and the quotes sent; just as we must in turn ensure the well-being of the passenger or client, advise them and resolve any doubts that arise about possible tours, places of interest and others. Finally, they must promptly resolve any inconveniences that may arise during the course of your visit.

PROTECTION OF MINORS COLODGE PLAYA ALEGRE with RNT 46185, announces and warns its visitors about the legal and criminal consequences of sexual abuse or exploitation of minors and adheres to Law 679/2001.



FIRST: Responsibility before the user: Ecolodge Playa Alegre assumes legal responsibility before the user for the provision of the described services, in accordance with the terms and conditions established in the tourist plan offered directly, and in the terms of decree 2438 of 2010; and does not assume legal responsibility for: a) Personal expenses incurred by the user during the tourist plan or the product that they have taken or that are not contained within it . b) The damages generated by cancellations, delays or inconveniences caused or present by or due to forces of nature such as hurricane, tsunami, earthquake and any outside event or fortuitous event that may occur during the trip, since the risks and dangers of the trip belong exclusively to the traveler during the time of the trip . c) Regarding the damages generated as a consequence of accidents suffered by the travelers, they will be assumed by the user, except when the responsibility in the occurrence of the accident is verified, case in which the claim will be attended by the insurer with which Playa Alegre has contracted such risks. d) Obligations contracted when force majeure occurs, that is, abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the person invoking it, the consequences of which could not have been avoided, despite all the diligence used or, due to sufficient causes that encompass those cases in the that Playa Alegre, despite acting with foresight and due diligence, cannot provide the contracted services for reasons that are not directly attributable to it in accordance with current legislation. e) The behavior of the user, as well as the inconveniences in which he may be involved, that generate his withdrawal from the hotel, the excursion or the tourist plan, due to criminally punishable behaviors or those that violate morality . f) Baggage and its contents and any object carried by the user, such as jewelry and goods, that have not been reported in a timely manner and/or delivered into custody, since the care and safety of personal belongings correspond exclusively to the traveler. . SECOND: Responsibility for transportation: Ecolodge Playa Alegre will not assume any cost for delays, cancellations, travel postponements, concept of air, sea or land transportation. THIRD : Information about changes: In the event of any change in the provision of the service, adaptation of plans in the face of extreme or special circumstances, events of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, Playa Alegre may make modifications to the contracted tourist plan or service, guaranteeing, in any case, service users, that the new services will be equal to or higher than the contracted category and informed in a timely manner. Law 300/96. FOURTH: Amount of the advance and term: The amount paid by the user as an advance in order to ensure their participation in the trip, will be paid at the total cost of the tourist plan. Said advance is not refundable since the amount is applicable to guarantee the occupancy of the room, consequently it cannot be refunded for any reason. FIFTH: Reimbursement of services not enjoyed. In the event that tourist services are interrupted by the occurrence of events constituting force majeure, Playa Alegre will reimburse users for the value of the services not enjoyed until the event occurred. SIXTH: Refund conditions: In the events in which the user cancels or desists from taking his tourist plan after paying the advance, partial or total payment of his reservation, the number of days from his trip start date will be considered to calculate the value of the refund and the following indemnities will be applied in favor of Ecolodge Playa Alegre : 1) If the cancellation is made between day zero (0) and ten days before the start date of the trip, no amount will be refunded for damages to the hotel in the occupation of the contracted rooms. That is, the partial or total value paid is withheld. 2) If the cancellation is made between the 11th and 29th of the start date of the trip, the amount paid will be returned except the non-refundable advance and the first hotel night will also be charged, according to the published value of the rate. purchased for your trip. 3) If the cancellation is made before the 30th day of the start of your trip, the total value paid will be refunded, except for the non-refundable advance and a penalty will be charged for administrative expenses equivalent to 5% of the total value of the plan purchased. 4) In case If canceled due to illness, force majeure or fortuitous event, after making the total payment of your reservation or value greater than the non-refundable deposit, due to force majeure, serious illness or fortuitous event verified by certifications, the total value will be returned after deducting the value of the non-refundable advance. Paragraph: If the trip begins, it is interrupted due to force majeure, withdrawal of the traveler due to behaviors that threaten the completion of the trip, legal problems and other causes not attributed, the Lodge will refund the unused services that may be object of return, in the manner provided for refunds. SEVENTH: Term for reimbursement: The money will be reimbursed after studying the case with its respective supports. Refunds will be made a maximum of 30 calendar days after receipt of the cancellation by the user . EIGHTH: Duties of clients and guests: a) Make proper use of the facilities. b) make proper use of natural resources. c) comply with the legal requirements for the prevention and sexual exploitation of minors. d) respect the tranquility of other guests. e) Make separation at the source of solid and hazardous waste generated during your stay . f) respect the culture, beliefs, traditions and habits of the people of the region . NINTH: Prevention of social risks: The Hotel rejects the sexual, commercial exploitation of children and adolescents, is committed to prevention and reporting inside and outside the establishment, and informs its clients and guests that the implementation and promotion of practices of Exploitation or sexual abuse of minors has legal consequences in Colombia, which are contemplated in Law 1329/2009, 1336/2009 and 1453/2011 TENTH: Protection of fauna, flora and cultural heritage, Ecolodge Playa Alegre is committed to conservation and protection of the flora, fauna and natural heritage of Colombia and informs its guests that the trafficking of species is prohibited and has criminal consequences in the country according to the CPC and Law 397/97 1185/008. ELEVENTH: Acceptance of the user: The client or guest who buys a plan or tourist package offered by ECOLODGE PLAYA ALEGRE directly or through travel agencies and representatives, knows and accepts all the liability clauses set forth herein.